The Value We Bring

When your project requires fresh insight and best practices, you need an innovative, cross-functional consultancy with expertise in planning and design of information, communications and automation technologies.

Our unique approach bridges concept to occupancy by marrying technology design with your organization’s other planning efforts, including strategic planning, operations and process improvements.

Multidisciplinary Background


The Angus Connect team complements your organization’s team with different perspectives. This helps us to thoroughly analyze the risks and create thoughtful recommendations leading to the best possible design.

Our team offers:

  • Engineers with expertise in IMIT systems
  • Network Design Specialists, including RCDD
  • Security and Audiovisual Specialists
  • Procurement Advisory
  • Clinical and Business expertise
  • Lean process improvement
Greater Program Efficiency and Adoption

The Angus Connect team understands the challenges of managing change when implementing new technologies.

Our comprehensive roadmap service ensures that you are investing your organization’s funds to optimize the longevity of systems. It ensures that they are setup for future integration to the new systems.


Foresight/Risk Mitigation


Over the past two decades, our team has worked on Public Private Partnership (P3) projects to develop the strategy, functional requirements and design of IMIT systems, and to provide oversight for their implementation. On these, and on more conventional projects, we have developed methodologies to ensure that systems meet the needs of end-users – through broad consultation, tight project management and collaboration with other client sub-consultants and vendors.


Vendor Neutrality


As unaffiliated and independent consultants, Angus Connect has no vested interest in any particular set of solutions or vendors.
Having worked with numerous building system vendors, integrators and healthcare technology solution vendors puts us in an excellent position to provide you with unbiased and authoritative advice on a range of technology solutions.


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