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Project Profile

This highly secure and critical facility required special design features to enable it to be fully functional under any circumstances, including post-disaster.

  • Security Design & Engineering
Project Features
  • Completion Date: 2003
Key Scope Elements
  • Controls entire distribution network
  • Highly secure to be fully functional in post-disaster situations
  • High quality security, CCTV, and access control
  • Dual redundant UPS system

This world-leading grid operations centre involved a greenfield building housing an Integrated Transmission Operation Centre, which operates and controls the complete hydro distribution network.

Angus Connect developed the design for the security and CCTV systems, including sophisticated perimeter protection system, bomb detection system, scanners, etc. The fully-networked digital CCTV system was designed using the corporate Ethernet network. At time of design, this was the largest facility of its type in the world.

The main control room was fully hardened against both natural and man-made disasters, and capable of long-term independent operation on a 7/24 basis. The control room was constructed to have a very high quality environment with very quiet dual redundant air conditioning systems with static electricity and humidity control, dual UPS power supplies to each control desk and projection screen, high-quality, glare-free controllable lighting sources, with all systems capable of long-term independent post-disaster operation.

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