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Project Profile

The Forensic Services Complex is an exceptional facility to deal with demands for forensic investigations in support of criminal prosecutions and community safety.

  • Communications
  • Compliance Engineer
Project Features
  • Area: 45058 m2
  • Completion Date: 2013
  • Complexity: Secure medical facility
Key Scope Elements
  • Security systems design
  • IMIT systems design

Angus Connect provided Security and IMIT systems design and integration for this unique facility that houses two critical forensic investigation agencies: the Centre of Forensic Sciences and the Office of the Chief Coroner.

IMIT systems include duress and panic calls, badging, CCTV with digital imaging, paging and intercom communications, lift control, visitors management, asset management, patrol system, parking control and hands free access control.

The Centre of Forensic Sciences (CFS) provides forensic examinations for cases involving injury or death in unusual circumstances and in crimes against persons or property. CFS employs well over 200 scientists and technicians and investigates more than 8,000 cases per year. Analysis is conducted in several specialties, including biology, chemistry, electronics, toxicology, document and photographic analysis, firearms and tool marks.

The Office of the Chief Coroner in the Toronto facility conducts more than 1,400 autopsies each year. It also conducts about 80 coroner’s inquests annually. The facility provides death investigation and forensic pathology services 24-hours a day, seven-days a week.

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