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Project Profile

Ericsson’s combined global facilities promote cloud computing-enabled technology, allowing users to communicate, access sources of information, store,manipulate, produce and transmit information in any form.

  • IMIT, Security and Communications design and engineering
Project Features
  • Size and complexity: 40,000 m2 including 3530 m2 admin building / Tier 4 Data Centre
  • Completion Date: 2016
Key Scope Elements
  • Converged building systems
  • Access Control Systems including perimeter protection
  • HD CCTV systems
  • Security Command and Operation Centre
  • Communications Cabling System Design & Engineering
  • Audio Visual systems design
  • Satellite and Microwave Systems design (Infrastructure)

Angus Connect’s highly experienced consultants developed security, audiovisual systems and IMIT communications infrastructure solutions that addressed the client’s security, safety and technological needs.

In the course of systems design and execution, we effectively interfaced with our clients’ internal staff, external consultants, architects, and systems integrators.

This greenfield modular data centre testing facility in Montreal was one of three such Ericsson sites oriented toward research and development in telecommunications, the other two sites being located in Sweden. The intent was that these centres would streamline Ericsson’s services from 50 centres to three.

Angus Connect provided a full IMIT backbone, including incoming services such as satellite communications systems, radio communications, direct communications to the Swedish installations, and building support cabling. Our security scope included a card access system, CCTV, both parking and gate control systems, and a property protection system.

The project was completed on time, on budget, in compliance with all governing codes and regulations, and fully coordinated with the activities of the international design team and contractors.

The Quebec site totalled 40,000 m2, of which 20,000 m2 was built out. The project included a 3530 m2 administration and support building. Ericsson estimated that the combination of architecture, design and location would result in a very significant 40% reduction in energy consumption. The project targeted LEED Gold.

Situated close to the firm’s R & D hubs, the new facility connected 24,000+ Ericsson engineers worldwide, provided greater efficiency in research and development, and allowed customers to connect remotely in real time for testing interoperability – for trials, early access, and new business services. The combined facilities housed Ericsson’s entire portfolio.

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