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IMIT and Communications Planning and Design
Rapid changes in technology mean that the pace of construction often lags behind developments in IMIT. We create flexible supporting infrastructure and systems that can be easily upgraded to suit our clients’ changing needs and the availability of new technology. We provide connected solutions to a wide range of sectors, including computer centres, traders’ floors, hospitals, industrial and manufacturing plants, research laboratories, classrooms, data centres, active modeling facilities, vivarium, pharmaceutical and microchip manufacturers. Common systems include: security, information and communications technology, wireless systems, data management, audiovisual, IMIT planning, voice over internet protocol, communications integrator and nurse call.

Audiovisual Planning and Design
With our extensive experience in technology systems, we design and integrate custom audio-visual, lighting, and technical systems. These are optimized for individual rooms and acoustic environments. This ensures crisp, clear, vivid, sight and sound reproduction that will engage users.

Security Planning and Design
Integrated electronic security systems are complex, mission critical, and require advanced integration. Their design/implementation involves coordination with multiple departments. We provide custom design and integration of open architecture, non-proprietary, network based Internet Protocol (IP) based systems.

Network Security and Privacy
Security System network design is a critical component that ensures the functional and secure operation of today’s Digital Security System. Many factors are considered in the design to create a highly available system that will function properly and help protect your resources, property, staff, visitors, and other users. Today’s Digital Security System requires high bandwidth, security, scalability, availability and accessibility. Our Security Network designers consider all these factors and incorporate elements such as high availability, redundancy, encryption, and throughput.

IMIT Systems Specifications and Procurement
The most important aspect in implementing the design, procurement, installation, inspection/commissioning and close out process is the development of technical specifications that are based on review and adoption of existing and emerging industry standards. Our design team ensures that these are considered in all specifications in order to provide our clients with systems that will be cost effective to purchase, operate and maintain.

Integration Engines
Our team will simplify complex interoperability challenges, using service-oriented, teamwork-enabled design and deployment methodology that runs on all platforms and devices. The key is an easy-to-use integration engine platform for information sharing between IT systems, regardless of technology and standards. We simplify the development of complex integration environments with an intuitive user interface and builds on legacy systems to enable Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and to facilitate a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

P3 Procurement and Risk Advisory
Our extensive experience in P3s (Public Private Partnership) or AFPs (Alternative Finance Partnership) supports effective P3 procurement, where our accurate pre-designs can reduce total cost of ownership. Our risk advisory methods and processes enable improved collaboration between stakeholders.

Our approach to commissioning emphasizes technical review and analysis of the design to develop project-specific procedures that provide a repeatable testing methodology. During construction, regular inspections will result in fewer delays and minimize the accumulation of project deficiencies. Appropriate and effective commissioning after hand over ensures an efficient and cost-effective operational future. Whether we provide inspection and/or commissioning, we ensure that systems are completed to fulfill the design intent as well as the user’s needs, with the goal of self-sufficient and efficient operations for years to come.


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