Angus Connect ties your business objectives together with both technology strategy and systems design.

The result? A connected and intelligent building that drives strategic advantage for your organization today, and tomorrow.

Connecting the Internet of Things

With the vast growth in connected devices, from building systems, mobile applications and wearables to smart office applications, the opportunities for automation and efficiency are endless.

Angus Connect helps you define your vision and build the systems that help you optimize operational efficiencies, energy consumption, occupant experiences, and financial performance.

Connecting End-to-End Services

Our strategic planning and design engineering can help future proof your technology investments.

With end-to-end services, we work with you at every step to define and implement your plans for growth. Our professionals help you reduce risk, streamline processes, and achieve efficient, reliable and flexible high tech infrastructure.

Consulting Services

IMIT Strategic Planning and Roadmaps

Workflow Mapping and Process Improvement

Day in the Life Visioning


Operational Readiness

Change Management and Communications

Benefits Evaluation and Post Occupancy Review

Engineering Services

IMIT and Communications Planning and Design

Audiovisual Planning and Design

Security Planning and Design

Network Security and Privacy

IMIT Systems Specifications and Procurement

Integration Engines

P3 Procurement and Risk Advisory



Angus Connect provides clients with a clear view of how current state operations will evolve in the near and long term, helping you make well-informed decisions on your technology requirements.


Three Pitfalls of Technology Investment: How to maximize IMIT in your facility’s redevelopment
Megan Angus

As healthcare organizations embrace advances in technology, they face numerous challenges as they consider how to make strategic investments. They have the opportunity to introduce new technology during a Redevelopment project, but the pace of innovation is so rapid that organizations find it difficult to keep up with changes, let alone make decisions on technologies they will need in future.


Connecting Fresh Insights with Best Practices

Angus Connect is an innovative leader as a cross-functional technology consultancy that merges strategy with engineering design.

When your project requires out of the box thinking, fresh insight and best practices, you need a leader in the field with expertise in planning and design of information, communications and automation technologies to take your project from concept to occupancy.

Our unique approach marries technology design with your organization’s other planning efforts, including strategic planning, operations and process improvements.


Project Profile
Penticton Regional Hospital
The Tower will enhance access to services and improve patient care through consolidation of programs currently dispersed throughout the hospital.


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